Compact Feeding Line CFL01 Series

Compact Feeding Line CFL01 Series



rom single one by one equipment to Compact heavy-duty systems, EAE offers a complete line of straightener/feeder combination units. Responding to the demand for maximum space-saving on the press shop floor, EAE straightener/feeders have a compact decoiler straightener-feeder without reducing quality or speed.

CFL 01
This series handles material from 300 to 600 mm wide and up to 3.2 mm thick. The 2 +7 work rolls offer an extraordinary level of flatness to the materials. The CFL 01 series features adaptable work rolls driven cluster gear train set to strengthen high-tension materials. A straightener port opening mechanism allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. This also allows to the pilot release operation

  • Contactless loop control by reflected switch
  • Alloyed, hardened and ground feeding rolls
  • Pilot release option
  • Worm and worm screw down mechanism through worm gear boxes for air gap adjustment
  • Decoiler interval control
  • Exit roller squaring guiding table
  • Entry roller squaring guiding table
  • Filter regulator lubrication unit
  • Pendant control