Rear Loop Compact Heavy Coil System

Arka looplu ağır rulo sistemi

This new serial is designed for achieving more efficiency and more productivity. By the help of the rear loop system there is no need to dig a loop hole on the ground. In addition to that, the system uses pinch roll unit, motorized snubber arm, entry peeler and front support when the coil is over 10 tons.


EAE Machinery Co. presented the 2 and 4 Head Decoilers to the market

Enhancement, in efficiency, changing the punching tool and coil loading time to decoiler, is always the main aim in steel processing lines. In parallel of the aim; components that is used in easy change of the punching tools, systems that make coil loading easy, loading cars, 2 and 4 head decoilers are also developed. 2 and 4 head decoilers are able to work in simple production process. Having the opportunity of storing the coils on itself results gains in production time and work power. Read more...

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02- 07 Ekim 2012 tarihleri arasında CNR Expo’da düzenlenen TATEF Fuarına katılacağız. Fuarda pres besleme hattı ve Dubleks Roll- form makinalarımızı sergileyeceğiz.

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23-27 Ekim tarihleri arasında HANNOVER- ALMANYADA düzenlenen sac işleme makinaları fuarına katılacağız. Fuarda 1250 mm bant kapasiteli Rulo besleme hattımızı sergileyeceğiz.